Lagarada - Maggie Finn

Maggie and Ashley

In Memory of Maggie

Magdalene Finn (Maggie) lost her 13 yr battle with ovarian cancer on May 7, 2008.
I met Maggie when she bought a puppy from me and she became a very good friend. She was one of those people that comes along who it seems like you have known all your life.
Over the years Maggie owned four of my dogs -- Duchess, Ashley, Deke and Jewel.
... Maggie went to several dog shows with me over the years and attended two Nationals with me .... She loved seeing the dogs - to her they were all champions; color, owners, breeding didn't matter - they were all perfect in her eyes.
She sometimes stayed with the dogs for me when I went to shows and Travis just loved her - he wagged all over himself and smiled and jumped up and down when he heard her voice ..... she always brought him stuffed toys and milk bones.
Throughout her ordeal, Maggie had more courage than I could ever have. I admire her.

Fran Lass