Lagarada - Stud Dog Travis

BISS AKC / UKC / INT'L CH. Lagarada's Aspen Gold, ROM, HOF  - "Travis"

As of December 25, 2020, Travis has sired a total of 60 Champions; 42 of which are AKC Champions

Sire:  Am. BISS-Jap. BIS-BISS CH. Hauerdane's Pump N Iron, ROM
Dam:  Am. BISS CH. Lagarada Rocwind XXIV Karat Gold, ROM, HOF

Thank you to the breeders who have used Travis in their breeding programs!


GDCA Award for Top Stud Dog 2005 - 14 Travis Kids finished their AKC Championships in 2005.




ROM (Record of Merit) is a title awarded by the Great Dane Club of America to dogs who have sired a minimum of 15 AKC Champions.

HOF (Hall of Fame) is a title awarded by the Great Dane Club of America to dogs who have sired a minimum of 30 AKC Champions.

American Kennel Club (AKC) Champions

BISS AKC / BIS UKC / NAT'L CH. Lagarada's Autumn Gold (Deke)
CH. Lagarada's Goldberg v Thunderhill (Goldberg)
CH. Lagarada's Gold N Ruler (Sam)
CH. Lagarada SunStrike Alliance, CD, CGC, TDIAOV, VA, RN (AL)
BISS CH. De Robles Colorado Caper (Chance)
AKC / NAT'L / INT'L CH. Lagarada Sahara Desert Ryder (Ryder)
CH. Lagarada Sahara XR I'll Be Back (Arnie)
AKC CH. / BIS (6x) INT'L CH Diamond Danes Hot Topic, NAJP (Gabby)
AM / CAN CH. Diamond Danes Hot Off The Press (Preston)
CH. Surfside Good As Gold, ROM (Gemma)
CH. Mirakel's Master Jasper (Jasper)
AKC / INT'L CH. Lagarada's Patent Pending (Patti)
AKC BIS - BISS GCH. / INT'L BIS CH Lobato's Thr Can Be Only One, AOM, TDI, CGC (Duncan)
CH. Lobato's Steel Magnolia (Clairee)
CH. Lobato's Catch Me If You Can (Chase)
CH. Lobato's Pretty Woman (Vivian)
AKC / Int'l CH. Lobato's Takn Care of Business (Hatch)
CH. Lobato's She's No Lady (Lacey)
AKC/ UKC-BIS CH. Lobato's Striking Interest, RA (Tiki)
CH. Lobato's It Starts With A Dream (Moses)
CH. Lobato's I Picked A Lilly (Lilly)
CH. Lobato's Good Fortune (Jade)
CH. Lobato's You Don't Know Diddly (Bo)
BISS CH. Shill Rest Sure-Fire One n Only, AOM, Top 20 Winner (Rowdy)
CH. Shill Rest's The Fireman (Shane)
CH. ShillRest Sheadane Fired Up (Adam)
CH. SisCo's Bada Bing (Marlo)
AM / INT'L CH. Della's A Drop Of Golden Sun (Scout)
CH. Della's Lagarada Triple Knockout, RN (Kaydon)
CH. Affaire's Sweet Basil Rain (Basil)
CH. Affaire's Taken By Storm v Blanton (Jessie)
CH. Glacier's Usual Suspect (Gus)
CH. Highline's Framed N Gold v. Jaylor (Boomer)
CH. Glacier's Rikki Rock N Roller (Rikki)
CH. Southern Star Gen P G T Beauregard (Beau)
CH. Southern Star New Orleans Lady (Nola)
CH. Lagarada Danehills Rockstar, DN (Jagger)
CH. Lagarada Danehills Starman (Star)
CH. Lagarada Danehills Star Quest (Johnny)
AKC / IABCA CH. Lagarada Danehills Star Struck Titan (Titan)
CH. Lagarada's Forever a Lady (GiGi)
CH. Weco x Lagarada Turn the Page for K-Sera CGC (Seger)
Champions From Around The World

Canadian CH. Daynakin's Imperial Thunder (Thor)
Canadian CH. Diamonds Hot Shot v Aristo (Flash)
Canadian CH. Kilgoran's Dr. Bombay (Teddy)
Canadian CH. Kilgoran's Spirit In The Sky (Adam)
Canadian CH. Rockingdane's Quincy (Guiness)
Canadian CH. Della's Meant 2 Be 4 Danetona (Dallas)

United Kingdom:
UK CH. Tantallon Alledgedly Ice (Aspen)
New Zealand:
NZ CH. Diamond Danes American Style (Stryka)
Swedish-Finnish-Estonia CH. Lagarada's Pearl to Chic Carelia (Helmi)
Finnish CH. Abragabra's Fawn Fairytale (Lonti)
Finnish CH. Abragabra's Fantastic Phenom (Jarkale)
Australian CH. Amasa Lethal Weapon (Diesel)
Australian CH. Amasa Million Dollar Baby (Maggie)
Australian CH. Amasa Steel Magnolia (Dolly)
Australian CH. Amasa Commanche Gold (Bear)
Finnish / Norwegian / Danish / Swedish / Nordic INT’L CH. Highesteem's Explorer (Diesel)
CH. Highesteem Queen V Liberline

Brazil GCH. - PanAmerican CH. Highline's Wildangels v Santa Anita (Angel)